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This site is dedicated to the advancement of Spiritual Truth and the knowledge of our true being.  Part of our mandate is to help promote events and activities, wherever they may be held,  which are concerned with the advancement of the Spiritualist Movement and the understanding of who and what we really are as human beings.

Our site links and pointers may also provide pathways to web pages promoting peace, advocating improvements in the human condition, encouraging positive environmental changes, or assistance with developing ourselves.   

The Foundations of Spirit is not associated or controlled by any specific church or religious, or other organization. However, the events promoted and the links may be associated with a church, religious group or other organization. 

This web site is very new and a little sparse right now. It is our intention to flesh out the pages and provide a wealth of useful information.  Please feel free to send us any ideas that you may have for inclusion in these pages using the Contact button below.  Thank you.    

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